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Spectrum Set: Sports & Events Templates

Spectrum Sports Templates

Introducing our most customizable templates to date - THE SPECTRUM SET. This full-featured sports and events set combines elements from background textures to borders allowing you to create an unlimited number of designs. Create a custom theme for every league, team or event, keeping your products up-to-date and your clients hooked. You now have the ability to customize your own studio theme to distinguish you from your competition.

Spectrum Ordering Tips

Getting Familiar

The Spectrum Set gives you a great deal of freedom, more than any of our previous templates. Play. Get acquainted. Invest a little time to find the perfect combination of options for your needs and your style.

Connect Tip

Tip: Explore the Spectrum set before you are under the time constraints of an actual order.

Full Spectrum

Spectrum comes loaded with a palette of 75+ colors, including more than 40 new additions. Spectrum products look their best with 1 or 2 color groups and contrasting text. Whether you're matching dance costumes or team uniforms, you can create a complete, custom theme that lets your images shine.

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Tip: Changing the opacity will often make a color appear to match or compliment your image even if it doesn't seem exactly right at 100%.

Chain LinkLess Is More

The Spectrum option set has a lot of categories. Don't feel obligated to choose something from each. More texture and color areas make the set more versatile, but you probably won't want them all at the same time. Remember, simple can achieve great results.

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Tip: If you're not happy with the design you're working with, try removing an option or two.

From A - Z

The Spectrum option set features a wide selection of font options. These fonts range from casual to formal, block to script, heavy to light! There is a font suitable for every sport, dance or event. If you don't have a font on your computer, you can use it but you won't be able to see it. Be aware that fonts come in different sizes and line spacing. If the font you choose doesn't fit the space well after you've entered your text, you may need to adjust the size by adding spaces, or select a different font.

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Tip: If a font is a script or lighter weight, use more color contrast to make it easy to read.

One Size Fits Most

The many options of the Spectrum set will allow you to create a unique design. However, this is achieved by allowing options to exist together that may not look nice together, or even fit together well. Whenever faced with a decision to safeguard the set from a possible bad result, or to leave the options open for greater freedom of customization, we chose the least limitations for you.

This freedom from the usual restrictions means that your choices could result in overlapping graphics, issues of text size, fit or readability, etc. With the Spectrum set, YOU are the designer and the responsibility for the results - whether awkward or awesome - lies with you.

Connect Tip

Tip: Allow a little room in your spacing between the elements in your design. Text, strokes, and shadows do not always represent correctly on your monitor. Always get a sample print before sending your full order.

Paper Trail

Sometimes, it pays to keep everything. To make things easier, we've created a Theme Log card that you can download and print to help you remember your option set. You may want to create a different look for each sport, or each league or even each team. You think you will remember. But, when you get a reorder weeks later or they want the same next year, you'll be happy you took a moment to keep a record of it.

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Tip: Print a paper copy to keep with your records from that shoot.

Not Just for SportsSomething For Everyone

Events shooting is mostly sports, but not exclusively. Spectrum includes many great textures and elements to make the most elegant of prom themes to the classiest Communion styles. The choice is yours.