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Special Events Template Sets

Style 4 Event TemplatesPhoto-realistic designs to suit all your sport needs

Currently, Style 4 consists of over 50 complete sets of templates for most of our special events products to help you create attractive packages for your customers. Each set presents a stylistic photographic background with embossed effects to enhance your images. See the full list of templates below.

Color Guard

Gold | Silver

8x10 Memory Mate 10x13 Memory Mate Magazine Cover 4x5 Magnet Bag Tag Key Chain Button 3 PVC Keytags Locker Calendar Calendar 8x10 H Calendar 8x10 V Frame 5x7 H Frame 5x7 V Frame 8x10 H Frame 8x10 V Trader Magnet Trader Cards Wallet Frame Acrylic Mug Ceramic Mug Water Bottle Travel Mug