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Acrylic Products: Graphic Sports Statues
Football Statues

Show Your True Colors!

Graphic Sports statues are customizable to match team colors! Each sport has its own graphic background with nodes to place your image, team name, player name and uniform number. Best of all, this product is less expensive than the custom acrylic statue and is Pager editable for custom colors. Matching acrylic magnets are also available.

Pager Editable Color

Use the pager tool to choose colors directly from your image to completely customize each of these acrylic statues and little people magnets.

Not your style? Try our Custom Cut Acrylic Statuettes.

Winter Season Statues and Magnets


Basketball Statue - Individual Basketball Statue - Team or Group Basketball Little People Magnet


Bowling Statue - Individual Bowling Statue - Team or Group Bowling Little People Magnet


Diving Statue - Individual Diving Statue - Team or Group Diving Little People Magnet

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Statue - Individual Hockey Statue - Team or Group Hockey Little People Magnet


Swimming Statue - Individual Swimming Statue - Team or Group Swimming Little People Magnet

Swimming & Diving (statues only)

Swimming & Diving Statue - Individual Swimming & Diving Statue - Team or Group


Volleyball Statue - Individual Volleyball Statue - Team or Group Volleyball Little People Magnet


Wrestling Statue - Individual Wrestling Statue - Team or Group Wrestling Little People Magnet